The veiled horizon II

Videoinstallation, Berlin, 2005.

1 Beamer, 1 DVD Player, 1 DVloop,
duration 2:31 min.
Space without window. Reduced
entrance 4:3 format.

The process of “inscribing” borders and differences into images. Construction of differences. Subconscious reproduction of these contents.Visual education. Deconstruction of the western binary thinking system.

In her Videoinstallation „The veiled Horizon“ Couwenbergs interacts with the Horizon by trying to grasp the 2D-appearance of it. The Horizon is an optical illusion. Metaphorically it is used as a border to divide the sky from the earth. By considering this border as something natural, we can not comprehend it as constructed, it stays “veiled”. Couwenbergs challenges our perception. The Theme of her work is to make visible how sociocultural differences get constructed by inscriptions of established values into images.



Der Verschleierte Horizont / The veiled Horizont, Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin, 2005.