Dort Wo Nichts Ist /
There Where Is Nothing

Site specific Videoistallation, Berlin, 2004.

2 wooden cuboids, 1 Monitor, 1 Beamer, 1 MiniTV-screen, 1 hand-mirror, 3 DVD Player, 3DV-Loops, Sound.

In relation to the narration "Der Sandmann" by E.T.A: Hoffmann, research of the visual state of the subject.
Influence of repression and visual education on visual perception.
What happens when I see nothing?
The uncanny as an indicator of viewing/seeing nothing.
Surveillance and subconscious self control.

A female voice retells a nightly dream. It is about finding out what it means, if you are holding a hand-mirror above your head without looking into it.




Dort Wo Nichts Ist/ There Where IS NOthing, Rundgang, University of the Arts Berlin, 2004.