Proof of existence

Videoinstallation, Berlin, 1998.

327 Cardboards, 5 private notes / recordings of strangers, found on the flea market, 5 TV Mini-screens without its case, each one set in one cardboard, 5 Videotapes, sound.

Chris Marker's experimental documentary "Sans Soleil".
Documenting, archivating, storing.
Private notes and recordings.
How and what for do we document our lives?
Does an images has its own expressiveness?
Provability of realities.

The Videoinstallation is set up in a basement. Entering the cardboard storage you hear an old song in german, addressed to “my dear Micky Mouse”. A male voice sings: “A hundred tousand wishes...only a single one remains and it is called: come on love me." more...


Proof of existence, Rundgang, University of the Arts Berlin, Berlin, 1998.