Tahiti Blue

Experimental shortfilm, Video8 on DV, duration 4:25 min.,
France/Spain, 1999.

During a seminar one of my professors expressed her repugnance for artwork which displays private contents. Thereupon I started editing my latest summerholiday recordings.

I wondered “ where does in an image or a scene privacy start and where does it end?” How are the borders of the term privacy defined? How do we read and understand images? Who defines the meaning of an image?
With these question and the film in hand a new chaper in working with videoart and images opend up for me. The answers to my questions came to me little by little out of a combination of psychology with "Bildwissenschaften", cultural studies and gender studies.

Tahiti blue (=name of a car colour).





Tahiti blue, National Center for Contemporary Arts Yekaterinburg Branch, Russia, 2006.